Oral presentation at ESACT 2017: High Throughput analysis of antibody glycosylation in cell culture samples.
2017-05-15_PAIA Biotech ESACT.pdf • 927 kB

Application Notes

Application Note with BMG Labtech: Competitive bead-based fluorescence assay to quantify antibody concentration.
BMG Labtech AN288 PAIA.pdf • 927 kB

Application note with SynenTec GmbH: Implementation of PAIA assays on Cellavista or NyONE fluorescence imagers creates a unique solution for ensuring monoclonality and linking cell growth and productivity on a single instrument for cell line development projects.
PAIA IgG quantification (F103-XV-06).pdf • 893 kB


Rapid analysis and quantification of proteins in high throughput using PAIA assays, presented at SLAS 2016 San Diego.
2016-01-18_SLAS Poster_PAIA Biotech_final.pdf • 1,000 kB