Human Fab Medium Titer Assay (PA 105-01/10)

This assay is designed for the quantification of Fab fragments of human IgGs. The assay uses a competitive assay format in which the analyte releases a human Fab-specific fluorescence marker from biotinylated IgG coupled to the capture beads.

The sample throughput of this assay can be greatly improved if multiple plates are incubated in parallel. This allows for the screening of thousands of clones per day.

The plate can also be partially used and remaining wells can be used later.

One assay kit contains one 384-well PAIAplate with pre-dispensed dried capture beads and 25 mL ready-to-use assay buffer.

Assay characteristics:

  • Analytes: Fab fragments from human IgG and full human IgGs
  • Competitive assay format
  • Concentration range: 5−60 µg/mL fragment*
  • Sample volume: 6 µL undiluted crude sample
  • 40 min total assay time/384-well plate**
  • Clone screening
  • Wavelengths: Ex.640nm/Em.665nm

* The concentration range has been determined in accordance with the EMEA guideline on the validation of bioanalytical methods.

** Total assays time given applies for human IgG1.

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