Cell Line Development

During the cell line development process hundreds to thousands of clones have to be screened to find the most promising, i.e. well growing clones that are also good producers, for further development. The process of single cell cloning is performed in 96-well formats and increasingly also in 384-well plates. Thus, there is limited sample volume available for analysis and it is desirable to get the results as quickly as possible. The optimal solution is an automated system for the entire process including incubators, imaging systems for measuring cell growth and monoclonality and equipment for the determination of titers in the cell culture supernatants.

Because of the simple workflow PAIA assays can be easily integrated into these systems and measured with Cellavista and NyONE imagers or with standard fluorescence plate readers.

Typical protein concentration levels range from 10−200µg/mL for standard CHO cell lines, depending on cultivation conditions and duration.