Our Approach

PAIA Biotech has developed a platform technology for the analysis and quantification of antibodies and proteins in high throughput. The PAIA technology streamlines bead-based assays by eliminating several assay steps with specially designed PAIA microplates. This leads to significantly reduced hands-on time and a fully automatable workflow.

We offer assay kits comprising PAIA plates and a combination of functionalized capture beads and a fluorescence marker which is optimized for a given application.

Our current focus is to provide a portfolio of assays kits for the quantification of antibodies and antibodies derived molecules like antibody fragments and Fc-fusions proteins. With this set of assays we cover the typical concentrations ranges of antibodies in the different stages of cell line and bioprocess development. We aim at providing reliable and easy-to-use solutions to quantify IgG in hundreds to thousands of samples per day without the need to purchase a dedicated instrument and without sensors that need to be regenerated.

PAIA assays are performed on common orbital shakers for incubation and read out on standard fluorescence readers or microscopes. We exclusively use fluorescence detection in the far red wavelength range to avoid matrix effects from complex cell culture supernatants.

Your Benefits

  • At least 2x faster than the commonly used Octet 384 system
  • 10x less sample volume required compared to the Octet 384 system
  • No issues with sensor regeneration by using our single-use PAIAplates
  • Cost efficient, no costs for dedicated instrument